Life Survivor since 1975. Multiple Myeloma’s cancer-monkey on my back since 2012.  Mom of daughters since 1998. Oh the places we go… US Air Force Veteran since 1995.    Spiritually & Socially-Minded since 1988.  Current Skill Mastery: Super Hero Nervous System, Funny-but-Tragic Storyteller, Super Fast Talker, Leap of Faith Jumper, Failing Fantastically at Gaining or Losing Ground.   Mindful of Breathing & the Moment.  In active recovery from trauma that nudges my heart into emotional potholes occasionally.  Discovering how to patch up deep ones, and make course corrections.  Life isn’t boring. – Imagine:  Tina Feys’ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or a Goofy-Goober version of (Wonder Woman). #SuperRelatable2NiceHumans, #PreferAnimals2SomePeople


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