#S@B & Reaffirmations

Reckless LoveI got a facetime call from a dude whom I only remembered from a 1977-78 polaroid I carried around in a trunk full of a lifetime of memories.  I barely remember meeting my aunt, much of my life was compared to her by my grandparents. It was not until this week that I realized... Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas?

Not so much.  But let us walk down a nostalgic lane for about 2 minutes... Imagine some "metaphoric" moments in my life with me... the elf is aka 'life' tells me:  "This is whatcha get, move along, there are more kids behind you" and shoves me up the stairs a tad, as I freeze, knowing... Continue Reading →

It. Bit. Me.

Hey!  It's me, your friendly #ADD #VET buddy....  "Keep your Tetanus shot records up to date." What had happened was... On my way to trauma group therapy.  Text message to buddies: I am so glad we have group this morning!  My fight or flight brain circuits keep me on alert, physically watching for anything. Takes... Continue Reading →

Ground Hog Days

The greatest part of GroundHog Days, is once you get it RIGHT, you get brand new days until you find yourself stuck again.  This, my friends, is my current status.  :). Thanks for hanging out.

5.28.2013 – cool kid on chemo

Wow, it has been a little bit since I have updated this. I suspect it was the chemo cocktail  this month. The only thing about the Dexamethasone I miss is that burst of energy I would get for 3 days, So many thoughts. haha So much happened in my friends and families lives, but I... Continue Reading →

4.29.2013 – ring that bell!

Today is the last day of my chemo cycles, but next week I get my bone strengthening infusions with Zometa. The conversation between my oncologist Dr. Ali (picture a lovely Indian Hindi accent speaking to me) and myself: (After some chitchat about my ER visit on Saturday, and the strange feeling that I could not... Continue Reading →

4.25.2013 – let us ‘stun the cells’

My last induction chemo visit was fairly uneventful. Next Monday is supposed to be my last one. But at the same time the visit left me with many unanswered questions and an uncertainty as to what to expect next. The information I have been had all this time was what I was given in February... Continue Reading →

4.20.2013 – like a toxic zombie

I think I slept through Thursday through Saturday and I do not even remember Monday through Wednesday because they feel like separate weeks from each other. I used to be able to fight against the urge to sleep, but lately, it just comes upon me and each week I feel like a toy with a... Continue Reading →

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